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Looking to sell your used vinyl collection?

We’re always looking to buy used vinyl collections big or small. Simply call the store direct at 786-360-4934 or send us an email by completing the form below. Feel free to bring your records in to the store or we’ll come to you and make you an offer on the spot for some or your entire collection.

Whether it’s your personal collection, some you’ve inherited or just picked up at a garage sale we guarantee to offer you the fairest price. We travel the entire, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County area and can make travel arrangements if you happen to be farther away.

Records we Love

Jazz, rock, reggae, latin, dance, soul, funk, r&B, psychedelic, blues, country and things we’ve never seen before. We buy LP’s, 45’s and 12” singles, cassette tapes and CD’s. Bring them to the store or we’ll come to you and pay cash.

Records we don't Love

We’ll buy most collections except classical, big-band and show tunes. Not sure what you’ve got just give us a call.

You can also trade your collections for in-store credit if you prefer.
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Check out our FAQ’s below or simply give us a call.


We buy LPs, 45s and 12” singles as well as cassette tapes and CD’s. We’re mostly looking for jazz, rock, reggae, latin, dance, soul, funk, R&B, psychedelic, blues, country and things we’ve never seen before with intact covers and good playable condition.

Mainly records value depends on the title and the condition of the records. We look at who recorded it, who the artist was, how many pressings there were and which pressing it was. Rarer titles command a higher price provided there are buyers looking for it. Condition of the record is twofold; what the condition of the cover and the playing surface. The cleaner the records the more their worth.

Absolutely, or we’ll come to you. Bring in your collection for a cash offer or if it’s a larger collection give us a call or contact us and schedule an appointment and we’ll come to you.